Teaching Portfolio




Lauren Neitzke, Rutgers University
Summer Intern Project Title: Surface and intermediate paleoceanographic changes in the Southern Ocean during the early Miocene using stable isotopes and Mg/Ca ratios
Dates: 5/03-7/03

Shawna Li, Columbia University
Summer Intern Project Title: Glacio Eustatic Change in the Early Middle Eocene (49.2-47.9 Ma)? Sequence Stratigraphy and Benthic Foraminiferal Analysis at ODP Leg 189 Site 1171
Dates: 5/02-7/02

Robert Applebaum, Queens College
Ph.D. Thesis Title: From Global "Doubthouse" to "Icehouse": Implications of middle to late Eocene Paleoclimate Change Along the New Jersey Passive Margin
On advisory committee since 7/01
Expected defense date: 5/04

Miriam Jones, Barnard College
Senior Thesis Project- This project will continue the work she started during her summer intern project on the Hudson River cores as well as investigate sedimentary structures and determine the processes that formed them.
Dates: 9/01-5/02

Audrey Hucks, Rice University
Summer Intern Project Title: Glacial Eustasy in a Global Greenhouse? An In-Depth Look at a Middle Eocene Sequence from ODP Leg 189 Site 1171
Dates: 5/01-8/01

Miriam Jones, Barnard College
Summer intern project title: Paleoenvironmental Variability During the Late Holocene in the Hudson River, Vema 32-02
Dates: 5/01-8/01