Current Group Members

William D'Andrea
Peter deMenocal
Jonathan Nichols
Pratigya Polissar
Beizhan Yan

Post-doctoral Researchers
Nicholas Balascio
Kevin Uno

Graduate Students
Cassaundra (Meyers) Rose
Sam Phelps
Hannah Rabinowitz
Yoni Goldsmith

Undergraduate Interns
Brendan Femal (Summer Intern, 2014)
Jennifer Pensky (Summer Intern, 2014)

Undergraduate Research Assistants
David NwaChukwu, Jr. (Research Assistant, 2014)
Esther Roh (Research Assistant, 2014)
Shawnee Traylor (Research Assistant, 2014)

Lab Alumni
Jessica Tierney (post-doc, now at WHOI)

Brittany Becker (Research Assistant, 2012-2014)

Sara Donatich (Senior Thesis, 2013)

Emma Kahle (Summer Intern and Senior Thesis 2013-2014, now a doctoral student at the University of Washington)

Alexandra Limon (Research Assistant, 2011-13)

Christine Liu (Summer Intern, 2011)

Frankie Pavia (Summer Intern and Senior Thesis, 2012-14, now a doctoral student at Columbia)

Samuel Phelps (Summer Intern, 2012, now a doctoral student at Columbia)

Molleigh Preefer (Summer Intern and Indep. Research Project, 2012-13)

Addison Rice (Summer Intern, 2012)

Rachel Sheppard (Summer Intern and Senior Thesis, 2011-13)

Richard Taylor (Summer Intern, 2011)

Sebastian Vivancos (Senior Thesis, 2013, now a doctoral student at Columbia)