G9600 Climate Puzzles of the Neogene
Fall 2012

Maureen Raymo
Pratigya Polissar
William D'Andrea

Course description:

Topic will be on Climate Puzzles of the Neogene with a special focus on problems waiting for answers, new research strategies, and creative thinking.

Format: 1 hr 30 min discussion
Meeting time: Wednesday 12:30-2:00pm
Location: Comer 4th Floor Seminar Room

Sept 5: Organization Meeting

Sept 12: The mid-Pleistocene transition - Elderfield et al., 2012 ( Paper- Supplement- Perspective)

Sept 19:The mid-Pleistocene transition - Clark and Pollard, 1998 ( Paper) - Additional Reading not for class: Clark et al., 2006

Sept 26: The astronomical beat of NH ice sheets - Naafs et al., 2012 (Paper)

Oct 3: alternate meeting room: Geoscience 205 El Niño––like conditions during the Pliocene - Ravelo et al., 2006 (Paper)

Oct 10: The Pliocene Paradox - Fedorov et al., 2006 (Paper)

Oct 17: The M2 Event - De Schepper et al. 2009 (Paper)

Oct 24: Antarctic ice sheet history from ANDRRILL, Naish et al. 2009 (Paper)

Oct 31: NO CLASS (Hurricane Sandy)

Nov 7: Miocene climate sensitivity, LaRiviere et al. 2012 (Paper , Supplement)

Nov 14: Closing of Panama Seaway, Bartoli et al., 2005 (Paper , optional background: Haug and Tiedemann, 1998 )

Nov 21:

Nov 28: alternate meeting room: Worzel Seminar Room, Lamont Hall

Dec 5: ---American Geophysical Union National Meeting---


Dec 10: Last Day of Classes