November 7, 2013: Day 2, First Core!
(1) Reflex III core orientation device
New HQ bit
(2) New HQ bit

Drilling the firt core run
(3) Drilling the first core run

The  morning was spent with a acontinuations of set up and training. IDS showed us how the core is oriented using the Reflex III coring device (1). An HQ bit was attached to the drill string (2). By 12:30 PM,  we had the first core (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) which consisted of rubbly basalt or "aggutinite". 3 ft was drilled and 3.5 ft was recovered.
Drilling proceeded until  a depth of 40 ft at which point casing was inserted. Drilling proceed until 45 ft at which time coring was stopped for the day at 6:45 PM.

The rest of the cores were all in basalt and various other flavors of basaltic effusive rocks with vugs and fractures (10, 11, 12).

People are: (1) Scott Ewing of IDS; (4, 8) Andy Colberg of Ruen; (6) Justin Clifton of IDS;  (9) Kristina Brady of LacCore; (11) John Geisssman of UT-Dallas (ICDP, lead PI) and Paul Olsen of LDEO/Columbia University (NSF, lead PI).

First core still in barrels
(4) First core run in liner and barrels
Close up
(5) Close up of first core barrels
Orienting core and liner tn.jpg
(6) Orienting the core and liner
Marking the oriented core
(7) Marking the oriented core
First core pulled out
(8) First core in liner pulled out
First core in liner
(9) Kristina Brady with first core in liner
Core in tent
(10) Core in LacCore tent 
John Geissman and Paul Olsen looking at core
(11) John Geissman and Paul Olsen
Cores stacking up
(12) Cores of basalt stacking up
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