November 22, 2013: Day 17, Moqui Member of the Moenkopi
(images from the CPCP Facebook page)
Rain during night shift
(1) The night shift suffered through driving cold rain. Then at about
2:00 AM, the inner barrel (core tube) got stuck at the bottom of the hole.

Day shift tripping
(2) This required the day-shift to trip. By afternoon coring had resumed.
(3) At around 1529.4 ft gypsum filled, bedding-parallel fractures were seen in the core.
(4) Then intervals of nodular gypsum were recoved indicating that we are definately in the Moqui Member.
Close-up of nodular gypsum
(5) Gypsum is aboundant in the Moqui Member of the Moenkopi indicating the presence of sakline brines, which is about as close to a marine environment as we are going to get here.
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