November 24, 2013: Day 19, Wapatki Member, Coconino Formation and TD!
(images from the CPCP Facebook page)
Snowy site on the day of TD
(1) Today we trached total depth (TD) within the Cononino Sandstone of Permian age. Although core 1 tool less than 3 weeks, it feels like 2 months have passed, since the balmy 70s.
Wupatki sandstone
(2) In the early morning we started coring the crossbedded sandstones Wupatki Mb. or the Moenkopi at 1649 ft.
basal wupatki
(3) At about 1678.5 ft we entered a red mudstone, the lowest part of the Wupatki Member.
(4) At about 1680 ft we entered the sugary tan sandstone of the Permian Coconino Sandstone, marking a major regional unconformity and signaling we are nearly at TD.
Coconino core
(5) Core of the Coconino Sandstone. We stopped coring at a depth of 1706.5 ft.

Congratulations to all on a successful coring operation! Our original estimated depth to Permian in our proposal was 1509 ft, and the section was about  171 ft thicker than we thought at the time, largely accounted for in the Chinle.