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Scientific Themes (not exclusive or necessarily complete)


Early Mesozoic aridification
Continental climate gradients
Expression of Milankovitch cyclicity in fluvial and shallow lacustrine milieu
Paleosol fabrics and transitions


Modes of subsidence in epicontinental basin
Interplay between subsidence, eustacy, and regional unconformities
Rotation of Colorado Plateau relative to stable craton
Geometry of basin relative to isochronous markers

Correlation and Geochronology

Paleomagnetic polarity correlation to Newark basin time scale and marine stages
Absolute age determination of tuffs
Lateral continuity of lithogenetic units and stratigraphic completeness
Boundaries of faunal and floral zones

Paleobiology and Paleoecology
Rates of faunal and floral change
Expression of Carnian-Norian and Triassic-Jurassic boundaries
Atmospheric changes in δ13C and global carbon cycle events
Rise of dinosaurian dominance
Climate gradients and biozones

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