Figure 1: Tectonic setting of eastern North American rifted margin, showing Major Paleozoic compressional structures and early Mesozoic rift basins and key tectonic features of the eastern North Atlantic Ocean (Benson and Doyle, 1988; Klitgord et al., 1988; Manspeizer and Cousminer, 1988; Costain and Coruh, 1989; Olsen et al., 1989; Tankard and Welsink, 1989; MacLean and Wade, 1992; Sheridan et al., 1993; Rankin, 1994). Thick dashed lines and squares with notation show location of transects in Figure 2; purple lines and ellipses with notation show location of sections in Figure 3. [Modified from Withjack et al., 1998.]