Figure 5: (a) Geologic map of the Five Islands region, Minas subbasin of the Fundy rift basin. Arrows show only synrift sense of movement on faults. (b) Cross section of Old Wife region showing partially inverted down-to-the-northwest normal fault zone. Red box shows approximate area of photo in (c), showing faulted contact between Blomidon red beds and North Mountain Basalt. Triassic-Jurassic boundary is located a few meters below contact. Photo is representative of spectacular shoreline exposures in Fundy basin. (d) Cross section of Clarke Head-Wasson Bluff, showing inversion-related folds and reverse faults. Note that the stratigraphy of the pre-basalt formations is currently being revised. [Modified from Olsen and Schlische (1990) and Withjack et al. (1995). Photo by R.W. Schlische.]