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Saturday and Sunday, November 9 and 10, 1996
Dinosaur State Park, 400 West St. (exit 23, I-91)
Rocky Hill, Connecticut


Oral presentations are scheduled for a 20 minute time slot, including a few minutes for questions or comments. Therefore, plan for about 15 to 17 minutes for the presentation. One slide projector and one overhead projector will be available. Speakers must provide their own slide trays (Kodak carousel-type).

Slide trays should be clearly marked with speakers name, day, and time of presentation for the projectionist. Please prepare your slides and overheads so that the smallest text or illustration will be visible from the back of the lecture room (about 35 ft.). It is advisable to perform a "practice run" of your talk to be sure that it will fit in the allotted time. To be fair to speakers following your talk, we will strictly observe the 20 minute time slot.


Poster presentations are scheduled for Saturday afternoon, November 9, 1996, following the oral presentations. This format was chosen to avoid conflicts with oral presentations. Refreshments and snacks will be served to provide an opportunity for relaxed discussion and review of poster presentations. Prepare the posters to fit two folding display boards, each 77 in. wide by 39 in. tall (max.) The panels are each 19 in. wide by 39 in. tall (max.), and al most two 19 x 39 panels (39 in. by 39 in.) will lie flat next to each other. Therefore, prepare posters to fit either on 19 in. by 39 in. o r 39 in. by 39 in. panels for a total of not more than 154 in. wide by 39 in. tall. Posters will be affixed to the panels with self slick Velcro tabs which we will provide (no tape, staples, or pins). Prepare posters on suitable stiff backing for Velcro tabs (poster board, foam-core, etc.)

image of poster layout

Written Papers for Conference Volume

Final arrangements are being made with Columbia University Press for publication of reviewed papers prepared by conference authors. The volume will be a thematic set of chapters covering broad topics (paleontology, basalt geochemistry, etc.) which combine to present the latest findings on the Pangean Tr-J rift system. The paper should express clearly why the findings are significant in our understanding of the Pangean rifts, and be prepared for a broad audience. Authors are requested to submit the names of two reviewers; one reviewer should be "independent", e.g. not a conference abstract author. Final formats are currently under review, but draft papers should be no longer than about 20 double-spaced pages long. Short contributions with provocative, innovative, or important new findings are encouraged. Instructions to authors will be distributed at the conference (e.g. reference styles, figs. etc.) Revised due date is January 31, 1997, to allow authors sufficient time to prepare their manuscript during this busy fall season. Manuscripts are to be submitted to the editors as a paper copy and 3.5" disk copy. Preferred program is Microsoft "WORD 5" for Macintosh, but other Mac or IBM word processing programs are also acceptable.

Detailed instructions for authors will be posted here shortly.

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Questions? Contact Peter M. LeTourneau at letour@ldeo.columbia.edu