Comparisons of correlative sections of the Culpeper, Newark, Fundy, and Jameson Land basins. Culpeper section is from the Lenn Bros. no. 1 and Andrus no. 1 cores of the Bull Run Formation (Balls Bluff Siltstone), Newark section is from the Somerset no. 1 core of the middle Passaic Formation (E16r-E18n are magnetic polarity zones, and Z-FF are member names from Kent et al. 1995 and Olsen et al. 1996b), Fundy basin section is based on outcrop (Blomidon area, Nova Scotia) correlated by lithostratigraphy to the GAV-3 core which is the source of the magnetostratigraphy; Jameson Land basin section is based on Kent and Clemmensen (1996) (3M-7C are Clemmensenıs designations of ~100 ky cycles). See figure 2 for key to rock color. Figure is adapted from Olsen and Kent, 1999b).