Two sections are particularly interesting:

1. Bou Fekrane basin at El Hajeb

First is a section in the Bou Fekrane basin at El Hajeb. As you can see this section is supposed to be Norian, but the pollen is basically identical to what we have been calling Hettangian and the facies, like that of the Scots Bay. In addition the lower basalt (and upper) have a chemsisry idential to that of of the North Mountain Basalt.


2. Oujda Monts

The second, and most problamatic section is in the region around Oujda, Morocco. 

This section is supposed to be Ladinian-Carnian in age. Again, my suspisions are that it is Hettangian.

Also its supposed to be marine, but  I note that Limnocythere (see below) has never been found in marine strata.