The Triassic Basin Initiative (TRIBI) workshop and field trip was held at Duke University, Durham, NC on March 21-23, 1997.

The TRIBI workshop and field trip was held to help initiate future geologic research in the Deep River basin of North Carolina. TRIBI seeks a multidisciplinary group of geoscientists from industry, government, and academia. In addition to an open discussion format, the organizers invited submission of oral and poster presentations concerning the geology of the Deep River basin. Topics included, but are not limited to: stratigraphy; structure; rift evolution; paleontology; hydrology; geochemistry; geophysics; mineral resources; and brittle deformation within and immediately outside the rift basin. In addition to the Abstracts with Programs, papers have been submitted and will be published in the peer-reviewed journal Southeastern Geology. The field trip visited stops in the Durham and Sanford basins that expose numerous stratigraphic and structural features of diverse geologic interest.

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