The paperback edition has a few errors.  As of August 24, 2011, I can report on them as follows:


(i) page 73, in the left side of formula (4.25), the (present) italic x should be boldface x.

(Pointed out to me by Rui Zhou in June, 2011.  This error has been present in every edition so far, including the original, going back more than 30 years.)


(ii) page 110, last part of equation (4.92), the last appearance of the symbol alpha is wrong --- it should be beta.  (Pointed out by Koji Uenishi---one of the translators of the Japanese edition---in May 2011.)


(iii) pages  407-408, the text in the legend for sub-figures 9.12b and 9.12c should be switched, and references to these sub-figures in the text on pages 407 and 408 need to be changed (for example, at the end of a paragraph in the main text on page 408, the reference for Figure 9.12b should be to Figure 9.12c).  (Also pointed out by Koji Uenishi, in May 2011.  This error too, was in all previous editions.  It would be better to switch the actual sub-figures, rather than the legends and references to the sub-figures, but that would entail a change in layout of the page, and would be more difficult to execute.)


(iv) page 505, the line after equation (10.25), near the end, has .../v)v] < rho_b.

and the second v here should be removed.  (Pointed out by Masaru Nakano in June 2010.  This error was not in the original edition.)


(v) page 600, Figure 12.3.  The horizontal axis for each of the two diagrams corresponds to \omega_s/\omega  (not to \omega_0/\omega).

       Also on this page: line 2 after equation (12.4), should be .... faithfully at high frequencies.... (not ....faithfully at low frequencies).  (Errors on page 600 were found by Prof. Yomogida of Hokkaido University, and passed along to me by Koji Uenishi in May 2011.  The first of these errors, but not the second, was in the original edition.)


These errors noted above are further described in the file




which attempts to show how the corrected versions should appear, in the style of the paperback.