New York City Urban Vegetation

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Reflected and emitted Infrared and visible radiance measurements show differences in albedo, surface temperature, vegetation cover.

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New York Vegetation Map

This image is explained in the ISDE paper below.

Urban vegetation abundance can be estimated to within 10% using Landsat imagery.

See the image above and papers below for details.

Intl. Symposium on Digital Earth - Beijing, 1999 - Proceedings Paper

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Intl. Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment - Capetown, 2000 - Proceedings Paper

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Regional Views & Quicklooks

Multitemporal quicklook images from Landsat 5 and Landsat 7 show changes in regiional reflectance.


Pan Sharpened Manhattan

Pan sharpened images combine Landsat 7 ETM+ panchromatic imagery with multispectral imagery.