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Philipp Ruprecht

Lamont Assistant Research Professor

2010-2013, Feodor-Lynen Postdoctoral  

      Fellow, von Humboldt Foundation  (at Lamont)

Ph.D, 2009, University of Washington

Dipl., 2004, University of Göttingen

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Philipp’s webpage

Esteban Gazel

Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech

Post-doctoral Fellow,  2009-2011 Lamont

Ph.D, 2009, Rutgers University

B.S., 2004, University of Costa Rica

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Esteban’s webpage

Elizabeth Ferriss

Lamont Associate Research Scientist

2011-2014: NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D, 2009, University of Michigan

B.S., 2004, University of Louisiana

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Elizabeth’s webpage

Elizabeth is working  on the diffusion of water in clinopyroxene

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David Ferguson

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

2011-2013: Lamont postdoc fellow

Ph.D, 2010, University of Oxford

M.Sc, 2007, University College London

B.S., 2005, Glasgow University

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David’s webpage

Alexander Lloyd

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD., 2014, Columbia Univ

B.A. 2007, Dickinson College

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Alex’s webpage

Alex is working on water loss from melt inclusions and crystals, and constraining magma ascent rates from volatile diffusion clocks Read More

Claire Bendersky

Earth and Space Science Content Developer

TCI: Teachers’ Curriculum Institute

2010-2013: NSF Grad Fellow

2012-2013: LEEF sFellow

2009: Fulbright Fellow

B.A. 2008, Mt. Holyoke College

Meghan Crowley

2013: M.Phil, Columbia University

2007: B.S. California Institute of Technology

And former students and post-docs:

Katie Kelley

Associate Professor, GSO, Univ. of Rhode Island

Ph.D., 2004, Boston University

B.A., 1997, Macalester College

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Katie’s webpage

Lauren Cooper

Postodoctoral Scientist, ETH, Zurich

Ph.D., 2009, Boston University

M.S., 2005, UCLA,

B.S., 2001, Penn State University

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Lauren’s webpage

Mindy Zimmer

Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Lab

Postdoc, 2008-2011, Exxon-Mobile, Clinton, NJ

Ph.D., 2008, Boston University

M.S., 2003, University of New Mexico

B.S., 2000, Michigan State University

Jennifer Wade

Program Director, NSF

Research Scientist, 2008-2010, Library of Congress

Ph.D., 2008, Boston University

M.S., 2005, Michigan State University

B.S., 2001, Boston College

Ezra Benjamin

Principal Program Manager, Sustainability, ECM, Boston

M.B.A., 2010, Boston University

M.A, 2004, Boston University, Earth Science

B.A., 1997, Colgate College

Vaughn Balzer

State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

M.S. 1999, University of Kansas

B.A., 1996, Humboldt State University

Daniel Rasmussen

Graduate Student

M.S., 2014, New Mexico Tech

B.S., 2012, University of Oregon

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Dan’s webpage

Dan is working  on magma storage and eruption at Aleutian volcanoes Read More


Linda Farr Ponce (M.S., Boston Univ., 2002)  “Mineral hosts of uranium in the altered oceanic crust and  mechanisms controlling its distribution: a laser ablation-ICPMS study.  Moved to: Miami Dade College, Faculty.

Kefa Wang (Ph.D., Kansas; 1999)  “Crust-mantle interactions and mantle chemical systematics

     during Basin and Range extension, SW USA: Evidence from late Cenozoic volcanic rocks”     

      moved to:  Spring Communications, Kansas City