Division of Ocean and Climate Physics (DOCP)

2011-2012 Seminar Series

Fridays 11 am Gary C. Comer Geochemistry Building Seminar Room



·         Usama Anber (uanber@ldeo.columbia.edu)

·         Julius Busecke (julius@ldeo.columbia.edu)

Previous Seminars:  2010-2011 , 2009-2010



Summer 2012


June 8


Matus Martini (Maryland)  

"Radiative effects due to North American anthropogenic and lightning emissions: Global and regional modeling"


June  15


Xujing Jia Davis (WHOI)  

"Local Oceanic Response to Atmospheric Forcing in the Gulf Stream Region"







Spring 2012


January 20


Ryan Abernathey (MIT)

"Eddy Mixing in the Southern Ocean and the Meridional Overturning Circulation"



January 27


Marvin Geller (Stony Brook)

"Atmospheric Gravity Waves – Some Observations and Parameterization in Climate Models"



February 03


Andrew Wittenberg (NOAA/GFDL)

"Assessing ENSO Risks for the Coming Decades"



February 10


Marco Tedesco (CUNY)

"Darker, wetter and faster: causes and implications of recent trends of mass balance over the Greenland ice sheet"



February 17


 Dick Ou (LDEO)

"General circulation of coupled ocean-atmosphere: a unified theory "



February 24






February 27



1pm Kristopher Karnauskas (WHOI)                                   

 "The ocean's role in centennial tropical climate variability and change"


February 29



Jonas Nycander (Stockholm) 

"The nonlinear equation of state of sea water and the global water mass



March 02


No seminar


March 07



Monell -  3PM Sylvia Cole (WHOI)                                         

"The Arctic Ocean under sea-ice: Ekman veering, internal waves, and turbulent fluxes"


March 09


No seminar


March 16


Spring Break


March 21


Monell - 3pm Brian Rose (U. Washington)                                        

"Why does the climate system care about ocean heat transport?  Some surprises from warm, cold, and very cold climates"


March 23


Kevin Grise  (McGill)        

"Equatorial planetary waves, the tropical tropopause, and climate variability"


March 30


Paul Roundy  (Albany)        

"The blurry boundary between atmospheric Kelvin waves and the MJO: Eastward-moving convection in the tropics"



April 06


 Yan Xue  (NOAA NCEP CPC)           

“NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis and Reforecast: Ocean initialization and Tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Prediction “



April 13


 Raffaele Ferrari (MIT)              

"What Physics Triggers Ocean Phytoplankton Blooms"


April 20


 Benjamin Cook (NASA GISS/LDEO)       

 "Intensification of North American megadroughts through surface and dust aerosol forcing"


April 27


Oscar Schofield (Rutgers)

"Climate induced shifts in phytoplankton communities along the West Antarctic Peninsula: Future efforts for quantifying the changes using robotic networks"


May 04



 Bala  Rajaratnam (Stanford)

 "A Markov Random Fields based approach to Multiproxy Paleoclimate Reconstructions"


May 11


Meiyun Lin  (Princeton/GFDL)

"Daily to multi-decadal variability of U.S. background ozone in 1980-2010"



May 18


Gavin Schmidt (NASA GISS)

"Mechanistic modeling of solar impacts on climate"



Fall 2011


September 09

Philip Orton (Stevens Institute of Technology)

"Modeling  Nor’ easter and Hurricane Storm Surges around New York City"



September 16

Maxim Nikurashin (Princeton/GFDL)

"Dissipation of Geostrophic Eddies and Mixing in the Southern Ocean"



September 19


(12:00 pm to 1:00 pm) Jae Hun Park  (Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute)

"Observation of physical processes in the Northwestern Pacific and its marginal seas using inverted echo sounders from mesoscale to submesoscale"



September 23

Jed Kaplan (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

“From Moraine to Meadow and Forest to Farmland: 8000 Years of Human-Environment Interactions”



September 30

David Brayshaw (University of Reading)

“Bringing life to the desert: storm tracks, climate change and water at the dawn of civilization”



October 07

Elizabeth Barnes (University of Washington)

"The effect of latitude on jet variability"



October 14

Seismology Seminar Room Gang Chen (Cornell)

“Understanding atmospheric circulation changes under climate change”



October 19


 (12:00 pm to 1:00 pm) Shubha Pandey (ETH Zürich)

"Transport of Peroxy acetylnitrate (PAN) and NOy from different source regions at high alpine site"



October 21

Seismology Seminar Room  Paul O’Gorman (MIT)

“Response of precipitation to climate change: theory, simulations, and observations”


October 28

No seminar – WCRP meeting



November 02


 (12:00 pm to 1:00 pm) Lavinia Patara  (IFM-GEOMAR)

“Climate-marine biogeochemistry two-way interactions in a coupled climate model”



November 04

Sukyoung Lee (Penn State)

“Attributes and a theory of the recent polar warming”



November 11

Young-Oh Kwon (WHOI)

 "Atmosphere-Ocean Variability Associated with Kuroshio and Oyashio Extension Fluctuations"



November 18

Alessandra Giannini (IRI)

“Re-interpreting the influence of the oceans on Sahelian climate, from daily to multi-decadal time scales”


November 25

No seminar - Thanksgiving



December 02

Christina Karamperidou  (Columbia)

"Irregularity in ENSO predictability through the prism of dynamical systems theory"


December 09

No seminar – AGU



Summer 2011


July 22

Hezi Gildor (The Hebrew University)

"The circulation in the Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat and the exchange flow with the Red Sea revisited"