Monell Auditorium, LDEO

2009 ES-SSA Meeting

October 5-6

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Palisades, New York, 10964



During the meeting, ISTI of Saratoga Springs, NY; Nanometrics of Ontario, Canada; Kinemetrics of Pasadena, California and Quanterra of Havard, MA; Refraction Technologyof Dallas, Texas; Guralp Systems of Reading, U.K.; and Geotech Instruments of Dallas, Texas will present their exhibition to help participants on their seismic instrumentation, seismic data acquisition, processing and analyses.

  • Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc. (ISTI)   is a commercial Open Source software development company that specializes in writing custom software for the geophysical research community. Coding for academic, government and industrial clients under Linux/Unix, OSX and MS-Windows, ISTI brings the reliability and support of commercial software to the open source world of research. ISTI has expertise in all aspects of Earthquake monitoring and analysis software including (PASSCAL Software, IRIS DMC packages, Earthworm, Hydra, SeisCOMP, Antelope, and SAC). ISTI's principals, Paul Friberg and Sid Hellman started their professional programming careers at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in late 1980s. Visit ISTI

  • Nanometrics Seismological Instruments Inc.     Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Tsunamis. Global Warming. Nuclear Proliferation. Nanometrics is a world leader in the development of seismological instruments and networks used to monitor, investigate and help understand these global events.   An award-winning Canadian exporter, Nanometrics was the first company to produce a fully-integrated satellite system specially designed for studying and monitoring earthquakes.   Nanometrics was founded by Robin Hayman, and has since grown to more than 100 full-time staff with a head office and production facility located in Ottawa in the Kanata North Business Park, the high-tech heart of Canada's capital region. Visit Nanometrics

  • Kinemetrics     is the world leader in innovative design, quality manufacturing and timely supply of earthquake instruments, systems and solutions, where reliability, flexibility and cost effectiveness are important. ISO 9001:2000 certified, KMI has 39 years experience providing seismologists and structural engineers with the highest standard implementations for field when, under extreme environmental conditions, secure continuous operation is critical, for research, where new vision must be achieved and for monitoring where new technological boundaries are tested. Visit Kinemetrics

  • Refraction Technology, Inc.    is the leading manufacturer of high quality, advanced geophysical data loggers, including strong motion accelerographs, broadband seismographs and integrated telemetry systems, since 1975. REF TEK systems are used worldwide for earthquake studies, earth science research, and strong motion applications. REF TEK instruments can be used for both stand-alone and network configurations without hardware modification. More than 6,500 REF TEK instruments are in use by PASSCAL participating users and other research organizations. For information about Refraction Technology, visit REF TEK

  • Geotech Instruments, LLC     is a Dallas, Texas based company specialized in the design and manufacturing of the widest range of professional earthquake and infrasound monitoring systems: from seismometers and accelerometers, digitizers and recorders, Central Data Acquisition, to advanced real-time and interactive processing software solutions. Visit Geotech Instruments