This seismic record section shows vertical-component records from broadband (SSPA, BRNJ, PAL) and short-period stations in the Northeastern United States from the earthquake that have occurred about 5 km N of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is felt in Lancaster, PA area and the coda-duration magnitude is Mc=2.1. Note that record at BRNJ (William-Anin Middle School, Basking Ridge, NJ) shows almost no clear P wave arrival (due to weak signal and also due to higher noise level at the site), while S waves arrivals are about 5 seconds earlier than theoretical travel time indicated by thin line. It is unclear whether it is due to timing error at the site or due to crustal velocity model to this site. Epicentral ditance in km, azimuth (measured from the North), angle of incidence for the first arrival P wave, observed and theoretical first P arrival times for each site is given below.

GPD186.7 56 47 28.60 29.20
TBR210.9 56 47 32.03 32.23
PAL 226.2 63 47 34.18 34.14
ARNY 228.6 53 47 34.74 34.43
BINY 236.7 6 47 36.67 35.45
MANY 240.8 58 47 36.49 35.96

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