Recent Earthquakes in Eastern North America LCSN Earhtquake Alert Message (Update on location)

On Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 07h 34m 22s (EDT) a magnitude 2.4 earthquake occurred beneath the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City. The shock was felt in Queens and Manhattan.

Origin time: 01/17/2001 07:34:22.6 (12:34:22.6 UTC)
Location: 40.777N, 73.954W, Depth=7 km
Magnitude: Mc=2.4


Origin time: 01/19/2001 10h 04m 42s EDT (15:04:42 UTC)
Location: 40.775 N, 73.956 W Depth=5.2 km
(40 deg 46.5 minute North, 73 deg 57.4 minute West)
Magnitude: Mc=1.2

Event is located by using P and S wave arrivals recorded at six seismographic stations around metropolitan New York City area.

More information from the Columbia Earth Institute News

Epicenter of the Manhattan earthquake on 17 January is plotted on arial photograph (courtesy of Dan O'brien, NY State Emergency Management Office).

More information from the Columbia Earth Institute News

LDEO News on the Earthquake

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