Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network (LCSN) monitors earthquakes
which occur primarily in the Eastern United States. The network has been operated
since early '70s. The network consists of four sub-networks with Internet nodes at:

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There are over 20 short-period stations and two three-component, broadband
stations (PAL & NCB) covering New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Vermont.
Broadband stations record digital seismic signals continuously with a nominal
sampling rate of 40 samples/sec, while short-period stations record only triggered
signals with 100 samples/sec. The LCSN also operates a half dozen of strong-motion
accelerometers (SSA-1). Waveform data in SEED format can be obtained from this
web site on Data Access & Archive section and downloading via ftp. Arrival times
of the seismic phases are also available on this web site. Waveform data that are not on
the list can be requested by E-mail and the data will be sent to interested people
via Internet and E-mail. We encourage K through grade 12 students, teachers and
public to use this and other similar web sites to learn more about the earthquakes around
the area they live and other parts of the world.
       The network has been operated jointly by LDEO and other three institutions in
the Eastern United States. Major funds to operate the network have been provided by
the US Geological Survey under the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction
       LCSN is a member institution of the Council of the National Seismic System (CNSS)
and more information on regional seismographic networks in the United States can be
found on USGS.

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