CPNY - Central Park, New York City

Station: Central Park, NYC
Director: Won-Young Kim Network Affiliation: LCSN
Network Contact:
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
of Columbia University
Palisades, NY 10964
Latitude: 40N
Longitude: 74W
Elevation to Sensor: 50 m
Depth to Sensor: 0
Geology: Surface consists of gneiss bedrock with thin soil cover
Vault Conditions: Vault contains concrete pad poured directly onto gneiss outcrop
Site Description: N/A
Station Instrumentation: remote site: Guralp CMG-40T + Reftek 72-02 + external GPS clock
Data collection site: PC windows NT + RTPD (Ref Tek Protocol Dataserver) + Earthworm
Operated Since: November 21, 1999

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