NCB - Newcomb, New York

Station: Newcomb, New York
Director: Dr. Won-Young Kim Network Affiliation: LCSN
Latitude: 43.9734N
Longitude: 74.2228W
Elevation to Sensor: 575 m
Depth to Sensor: 0
Geology: Anorthosite(?)
Vault Conditions: Sensor sits directly on bedrock outcrop covered by plastic box
Site Description: Wooded area with little traffic
Station Instrumentation: Remote site:
STS-2 triaxial broadband sensor
Quanterra Q730 NSN
external GPS clock
VSAT terminal
external 110 VAC power supply
Data collection site:
USNSN at Golden Colorado, USA
Operated Since: October 20, 1999
There are many spikes on the records. The spikes are followed by long period signal perhaps corresponding to seismometer response.

above ground seismic vault (cinder block) old VSAT antenna

In the summer of 2005, a new concrete vault is constructed for the STS-2 seismometer.

concrete is poured inside 2-foot deep cinder block structure

STS-2 seismometer installed
STS-2 seismometer installed

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