Lamont Weekly Report, July 11, 2008

Since I was fortunate enough to spend a few days this week sailing on Long Island Sound (what a different place it is on a week day compared with the weekend!), I have little of relevance to report. But I can pass on a couple of items of interest.

Pat O'Reilly has for sometime been leading our search for a replacement for Ray Long (who continues to enjoy his retirement in Virginia). I am pleased to announce that this process is now completed and we have successfully recruited a new Manager of Safety, Security, Communications and Property for the Lamont Campus, Mr. Howard Matza.
Howard holds a Masters Degree from SUNY Buffalo in Environmental Studies and has spent 18 years working for the New York City Transit Authority in progressively responsible positions in the field of Environmental Protection and Environmental Management. He is presently certified in Hazardous Materials Incident Response and is a  Certified
Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM).  Howard lives with his wife and children in Suffern, NY.   He will join Lamont on August 4th.

Residents of the Geoscience Building are no doubt aware that we have been fighting problems with the HVAC system for sometime. The large gray object you see on the front lawn is the new chiller that we hope will solve these problems. We plan on installing it Friday,  July 18th. We will run the a/c all night but plan to shut down  between 7am and 8 am Friday morning on the 18th.  Work will continue over the weekend until complete but obviously there will be no a/c on Friday and most likely most of Saturday. So please plan accordingly.

I will be back in the office Monday - in the mean time - have a great weekend.

- Mike