Lamont Weekly Report, July 18, 2008

Thank you to everyone who participated in the blood drive this past  week - and especially to the folks who organised it.  Mundane stuff, I  know, but really important - thank you.

Congratulations to Suzana Camargo - just appointed as a Doherty  Associate Research Scientist in Ocean and Climate Physics (OCP). She  works on understanding hurricanes and tropical cyclones and how they  are influenced by ENSO (El Nino-Southern Oscillation) and is a great  addition to our climate group, working to understand short term  impacts of climate change.

Thank you to Jason Smerdon - Storke-Doherty Lecturer also in OCP - for  agreeing to take over leadership of the Campus Life Committee from  Mary Reagan, who has done a tremendous and much-appreciated job over  the past four years as the founding chair of this important group.

There was a great turnout for todays Research Life session - an  interactive session on working with the media - led by Rich Hayes from  the Union of Concerned Scientists. Kevin Krajick and I will be  collecting input from folks over the next week or so to determine how  effective it was and decide whether we want to repeat the session next  summer, or modify it in some way.  A week today - Friday July 25th  330pm in Lamont Hall - the next session will be on 'Washington DC and  Proposal Writing' - panelists will include Art Lerner Lam, Yochanan  Kushnir and a real, live, practicing NSF program manager from the  Ocean Sciences Division who has promised to tell ALL the secrets of  how decisions are made about our proposals!

On Monday evening I go down to NSF - mostly to talk about Langseth  operations in 2010 - but importantly I will be meeting with the new  head of the Geosciences Directorate Tim Killeen - the man who controls  almost $1billion dollars a year in University-based research funding  for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric sciences. I am sure many of you know  
Tim from his years as Director of NCAR and as President of AGU, but I  shall be very interested to hear his perspectives on the future of GEO  within NSF.

After suffering some very painful problems with the compressors last  week, Langseth is back operating on the East Pacific Rise under the  leadership of John Mutter and Suzanne Carbotte - all four 6 kilometer  long streamers are out, the sources are firing - and all is well. Lets  hope it stays that way!!

Apologies to the folks in Geosciences today - no air conditioning - as  Bob Chen said - it was getting a little 'toasty'!  We hope to have the  new chiller operating by the end of the day so all will be cool and  comfortable for Monday.

Have a great weekend,

- Mike