Lamont Weekly Report, July 3, 2008

This has been a blessedly quiet week which has allowed some small degree of 'catching-up' to occur in my office.  I do not know whether the fact that 'catching-up' seems to be synonymous with filling several recycling bins with paper, should concern me or not.

As we approach the celebration of this nations successful detachment from the power of the English monarchy, it was with particular interest that I received the latest fund-raising request from the alma mater of many members of the British royal family (and me, by the way!) Cambridge - reminding us all that next year 2009 will be the University's 800th Anniversary (it was founded in 1209 by an exodus of scholars from the University of Oxford who got into a dispute with the local townsfolk (it was kind-of-like a Manhattanville situation I think). So presumably Cambridge's 800th will be more than three times larger and grander than Columbia's recent 250th celebration!

Just in case you missed it - the Lamont promotional movie is now available for viewing from our home page - don't just look at the main feature - there are some really good pieces in several of the short focused chapters. The idea here is that we can tailor a presentation to the particular interests of any potential donor.

I predict that next week a cold front will come through and stall over Long Island Sound - the basis for this prediction is past experience and my plan to take a few days off and go sailing.

Have a great and safe Fourth of July,

- Mike