Lamont Weekly Report, June 13, 2008

Well, it is Friday the 13th and nothing terrible has happened yet... although yesterday my cell phone died, and earlier this week we did discover that carpenter ants are eating the Monell Building... but that seems unrelated to the failure of the phone system in that same building for half a day (which was caused by lightning).

I did an interview for Austrian National Public Radio (in English - so who will be able to understand it remains a mystery).

We received the disappointing news that yet another attempt at hiring a DARS-level glaciologist has been unsuccessful - so we will have to try again.

Our ship, the Langseth remains alongside the Scripps dock in San Diego completing final preparations  before sailing south to Manzanillo Mexico in a couple of weeks... Then, under the leadership of Suzanne Carbotte and John Mutter she will carry out the very first industry- quality three-dimensional survey of the volcanic plumbing system
beneath the East Pacific Rise.  Another first for Lamont...

We will be running the summer-long series of Panel meetings again this year entitled 'The Research Life' - an attempt to convey insights and advice to our students, post docs and junior staff about how to succeed in this tough profession of academic research. As previously they will be strictly informal. All are invited. A formal announcement about schedule, venues and Panel membership will be coming out in a week or two - but just so you can note on your calendars here are the raw facts:

June 27th   Authorship: collaboration and conflict
July 18th   A Scientist's Guide to talking with the Media
July 25th   Washington DC & Proposal Writing
August 1st  PI Responsibilities
August 22nd Promotions and Career Advancement

They will be at 330pm in Lamont Hall, except for the Media Workshop on the July 18th that will from 945am to 1pm in the Comer Building. It is impossible to find dates that are convenient for everyone.  We will be doing this again next year, so if you cannot make it this summer, keep it in mind a year from now.

This afternoon we ran a wonderfully successful event - a premier showing of the new promotional movie for Lamont, combined with remarks and book signing by Wally Broecker and his co-author Robert Kunzig, celebrating the publication of their new book - 'Fixing Climate:  what past climate changes reveal about the current threat - and how to
counter it'.  The lecture room in the Comer Building is certainly a fabulous venue on a sunny afternoon like today.

Providing the cold front comes through on Saturday night (and NOT on Saturday afternoon), I plan to spend a fair portion of the day in the middle of Long Island Sound... in the full and glorious knowledge that, due to it's recent demise, my cell phone will not ring.

Have a great weekend,