Lamont Weekly Report, June 27, 2008

As summer settles in, field work activities intensify, undergraduate interns bring new life to the Campus and travel and vacation schedules make it even more difficult to schedule meetings and events.

I am sure there are many many more - but just in my conversations over the last couple of days, I discovered that this weekend there is a remarkable exodus of senior Lamonters to the oceans of the world.  Over this coming weekend, John Mutter and Suzanne Carbotte leave to join Langseth in Manzanillo, Mexico to lead a ground-breaking 3D seismic survey of the East Pacific Rise; Bob Anderson and Katherina Pahnke (newly appointed DARS effective July 1st - congratulations Katherina!) leave to join the Knorr in Bermuda for a GEOTRACES cruise, Ray Sambrotto leaves for Dutch Harbor Alaska to be Chief Scientist on the USCG Healey in the Bering Sea, and Mike Steckler and John Diebold
go to Turkey where they have chartered a Turkish research vessel to carry out high res seismics over the earthquake faults in the Marmara Sea.  (Not to mention the fact that Robin Bell and her group just returned from Greenland after successfully completing the first operational tests of the new Lamont airborne ice-penetrating radar mapping system.) As I say there is probably much more than this going on that I do not know about, but this is just what I heard about
directly in conversations through the week - an impressive and diverse level of activity.

An important and sad and happy event on Wednesday afternoon was the recognition of Doug Brusa, as he leaves Lamont's Development office to take a leadership role as Director of Development for the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University in Corvallis Oregon. The broad attendance at this celebration was a
tangible indication of the great respect in which Doug is held by all at Lamont. And this was formalized this morning when LDEO ExCom unanimously approved a motion recognizing Doug's contributions to Lamont and placing the Institutions debt of gratitude to him in the formal record.  Best of luck Doug - we all wish you every success, as
long as it does not involve stealing any of our donors away from us!

The first of this summers Research Life Panels was held this afternoon.  Goran Ekstrom and Sid Hemming helped me out as expert Panelists and we held a good discussion about all the knotty issues that junior members of our profession face concerning authorship of research papers in peer reviewed journals.  There will be four more panels on different topics through the summer - schedules and topics will be widely posted.

The end of the fiscal year on July 1st brings a number of important rotations in senior leadership at Lamont.  Bill Smethie takes over as Associate Director for Geochemistry from Bob Anderson, and Steve Goldstein takes over from Mark Cane as Chair of DEES and Deputy Director for Education. We all owe many thanks to Bob and Mark - and
Steve and Bill - I look forward to working closely with you in the coming years.

Have a great weekend, and keep cool.