Lamont Weekly Report, June 6, 2008

A few random news items to begin with:

After a couple of years of dedicated service Andy Juhl has decided to step down from his position on the LDEO Executive Committee and Andreas Thurnherr (who has served occasionally as Andy's backup in the past) has agreed to take his place.

Three Lamonters were inducted into Columbia University's elite cadre of 25 year veterans earlier this week: John Mutter from MG&G, Dave Walker from Geochem and Fernando Uribe from the Marine Dept (Fernando works in the engine room on Langseth - and did on the Ewing... and the Conrad).

We are working on planning this summer's Research Life Panel series - probably a set of 5 sessions this year on Friday afternoons over in Lamont Hall. When we get the dates and panelists fixed (in the next week or two) we will circulate widely.

Next Friday 330pm til 530pm we have a special event planned in the Lecture Hall of the Comer Building.  The introduction will be a premier showing of the Lamont promotional movie - a movie that our Development Office has produced to use to build interest in Lamont and increase awareness about the importance of what we do - and this will
be followed by the main event which will be some comments by Wally Broecker and his co-author Robert Kunzig after which they will be available to sign copies of their recently published book  'Fixing Climate'. And there will be a reception too - all are invited.

The turkeys are as active as always around Monell. I was reading an article by Enrico Bonatti this afternoon in which he detailed the passionate loathing that Bruce Heezen had for turkeys (Bruce grew up on a turkey farm in Iowa - who knew?). But perhaps this is the explanation for the presence of so many turkeys around here? Maybe Doc imported them just to annoy Bruce?

Have a great weekend,