Lamont Weekly Report, May 16, 2008

It has been a very busy week with a particularly crazy schedule.  A day trip to DC on Wednesday to participate in an interagency discussion on the issue of marine mammals and sound in the ocean was followed by a successful Advisory Board Meeting on Thursday and Don Forsyth's Jardetzky lecture on Friday.

This Sunday is the last of Spring public lecture series - Kevin Griffin at 3pm in Monell, and on Monday I leave for San Diego to participate in the NSF Oversight Committee meeting for the Langseth.  She will be alongside at the Scripps Marine Facility so both the Committee and representatives from NSF will have an opportunity to go on board and review her status first hand.

I am coming home on something close a red eye on Wednesday night and walk into two full days of Performance review meetings on Thursday and Friday. So next week will disappear in a flash.

As the rain pours down outside, I hope for at least a few hours of reasonable weather tomorrow...

Have a good weekend,

- Mike