Lamont Weekly Report, May 23, 2008

Kevin Griffin gave the last talk in this years public lecture series on Sunday and we had a small dinner afterwards with a few special friends of Lamont.  As always, Kevin's talk was tremendous and elicited a seemingly unending string of good questions.

Monday morning I left for San Diego and stayed aboard Marcus Langseth alongside at the Scripps Pier at Point Loma for two days - the NSF mandated Oversight Committee was meeting there and giving us important advice concerning how we can continue to improve the quality of the services that Langseth offers for the community. Her first three
cruises, off Costa Rica and in the equatorial Pacific have been unqualified successes (and we made the front page of the local newspapers in Manzanillo Mexico!)

Langseth sails on June 26th (or thereabouts), with Chief Scientist John Diebold for a last shakedown of her multi-streamer towing systems, immediately prior to the groundbreaking East Pacific Rise cruise, led by Suzanne Carbotte and John Mutter, that will for the first time in academia carryout a three-dimensional imaging experiment
using multiple (4) six-kilometer-long hydrophone streamers.

And then Thursday and Friday were mostly consumed by the Associate Directors's review of all the research staff.

Congratulations to Wally for receiving an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Southern Methodist University - another honor to add to his already impressive list that recognize, with justification, the great contributions he has made to our science.

It was sad to say 'au revoir' to Jim Simpson this afternoon at his retirement party in the Comer Building.  We all wish him well as he adjusts latitudinally to his new home in Northern Virginia. We will miss him, but hopefully he will visit from time-to-time.

So... it is Memorial Day weekend again. If the atmospheric scientists do not mess it up again, then the weather promises to be definitely tolerable. I may even go sailing.

Have a good one,