Publications Procedures

Publications & Scholarly Works - Tell Us!

Please tell us about your recent and upcoming publications and scholarly works.

This will help us feature your work in key communications such as State of the Planet blogs, press releases, Director's Report, newsletters, websites, social media, and more.

Use this simple form (bookmark!) on an ongoing basis to let us know about your: 

1) upcoming publications and scholarly works*
2) recent publications and scholarly works**

*Let us know about upcoming publications as much in advance as possible (e.g., upon acceptance by journal) to foster the best opportunities for media coverage.

**Once an upcoming work is published, simply re-submit it via the same form with updated information.

NOTE: For the time being, if you prefer to submit your upcoming paper upon acceptance by a journal via our pre-existing publications procedure, just email your manuscript to Miriam Cinquegrana. Upon publication, please also notify Miriam. However, we are no longer issuing Lamont contribution numbers, and we encourage you to use the self-service form going forward.