Director's Weekly Reports

Lamont Weekly Report, July 30, 2021

     Hello Friends,  Our months of uncertainty continue.  Our gains in community safety are slowly being undermined by the delta variant.  Asymptomatic positive testing numbers are creeping up at CU after many months of declining numbers.  Monday will bring the deadline for vaccine compliance—the Lamont campus currently leads relative to the other four CU campuses, though we are still only at about 80% compliance.  People who have not yet uploaded proof that they are vaccinated, or in the process, will soon be contacted.  The university has made

Lamont Weekly Report, July 16, 2021

     Hello Friends, This will be a short and sweet summer missive.  First, it was so fun and inspiring to hear John Cook’s first Summer Stars lecture yesterday and learn about how one can inoculate oneself against fake news.  So cool to see the dozens of places across the nation, and indeed world, where his cartoons and gamification of cognitive science are being used in classrooms to combat mis-information about climate change.  If you missed the lecture, the recording will be available shortly.

Lamont Weekly Report, July 9, 2021

     Hello Friends,  After my big shout-out last week, I am sheepishly asking you to save a new date, September 22nd, for the all-Lamont BBQ.  I would also like to remind everyone that our first Summer Stars Lecture will be on July 15 next week.  It will feature John Cook, Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Climate Change Communication Research Hub at Monash University. I have known of John’s work in climate c

Lamont Weekly Report, July 2, 2021

     Hello Friends,  Wow, has the last year flown by!  After nearly fifty newsletters, untold Zoom meetings, and more than a few gray hairs, my greatest desire is to see us all back on campus in September.  As fun as it has been watching baby woodchucks cavorting outside my office window all day, all week, I would trade that for the hustle and bustle of colleagues in a New York minute.  So many changes and even more to announce this week.  We officially welcomed Dave Goldberg into his new role as Deputy Director and I am greatly appreciative of t

Lamont Weekly Report, June 11, 2021

     Hello Friends,  A big shout-out to Lamont Research Professors Billy D’Andrea and Marco Tedesco who were elected to the University Senate this week!  The third seat was filled by Daniel Wolf Savin, a Senior Research Scientist in the Astrophysics Laboratory.  To have this level of representation and voice on the senate is a huge benefit to the Lamont campus, to the EI, and to the emerging Climate School.  Billy and Marco write “Thanks to everyone who turned out to vote us both into the University Senate.

Lamont Weekly Report, June 4, 2021

    Hello Friends, I’ll start with a walk down memory lane.  Retired Lamont scientist and historian John Armbruster reminded me last week that last Friday was the 70th anniversary of the official dedication of Lamont Geological Observatory.  Work was already well underway in Lamont Hall and Maurice Ewing was the Founding Director.  I have been reading Naomi Oreskes’ fascinating book “Science on a Mission” about the early days of the three major oceanographic institutions, Lamont, Scripts, and Woods Hole.  Cold war submarine warfare needs for better navigat

Lamont Weekly Report, May 7, 2021

     Hello Friends, Spring is in full swing.  April showers have brought May flowers, as well as gardening news from the campus. The Lamont Community Garden, located opposite the New Core Laboratory, lay fallow last summer but is gearing up for a new season.  The Campus Life Committee has supported this community effort for years and reminds everyone that all gardening skill levels are welcome.  Pick some peas off dewy morning vines or harvest some tomatoes in the heat of the summer sun—enjoy a break from the office or lab and meet new colleagues.

Lamont Weekly Report, April 30, 2021

Hello Friends, It has been two very special weeks in a row, first with Earth Week and now with Commencement Week.  Several awards were given at this week's undergraduate Class Day, including the following DEES departmental honors: to Anna Ledeczi, in recognition of her outstanding undergraduate accomplishments as well as participation and leadership in DEES; to Roger Creel, the Best TA Award; and to our professorial colleague Meredith Nettles, the Best Professor Award!  DEES department chair Jerry McManus tells me a few more awards are in the offing, including the Walter Pitman Aw

Lamont Weekly Report, April 16, 2021

     Hello Friends, a big cheer for the last week of classes!  It was another bittersweet semester as the pandemic prevented us from interacting with our students in our usual ways.  Indeed, my class was entirely on Zoom and it was obvious to me that I did not get to know my students as well as during the “before times”.  Hopefully there will be opportunities to sit in the cafeteria and share a meal as our workplace returns to normal over the coming months.  Along these lines, I have been happy to hear that people are enjoying the new picnic tables an

Lamont Weekly Report, April 2, 2021

     Hello Friends,  This week’s science round-up has some great stories.  Lamont Associate Research Professor Anne Bécel is quoted in an article about an emerging effort to harness the power of satellite-linked cargo ship GPS systems to detect the presence and pathways of tsunamis in the ocean.  What an amazingly creative idea and perfect example of merging ocean science and technology in ways that can save lives.  The ships have something called the Automatic Identificat

Lamont Weekly Report, March 26, 2021

     Hello Friends,  It has been a quiet week.  A week to ponder what the near future will hold.  An easing of pandemic pressures?  Enhanced stress with a new virus variant?  Of course, relief that appointments for vaccines are becoming increasingly easy to schedule.  In the Dean’s Council meeting yesterday, we were told that discussions are being had and guidance will soon be forthcoming on issues ranging from summer travel policies, visitor policies, return to work policies, small gathering policies, vaccine policies and more.  How do

Lamont Weekly Report, March 12, 2021

Hello Friends,  A lot has been going on over the past two weeks, most obviously the arrival of warm spring weather and uplifted spirits.  This is also the time of year when graduate student admissions are in full swing and the Observatory competes for the best and brightest in the nation.  Last Friday, in my joint lab meeting with Jacky Austermann, we welcomed three prospective students, Emily, Yichen, and Mila.  Jacky had the inspired idea of asking each person in our group to say one thing they liked about Lamont after introducing themselves and their research.&nb