Campus Planning



– Subcommmittee of Executive Committee
– Deliver a set of principles that will guide the campus development.
– Summarize current needs for building and renovation projects on the Lamont campus that will assure that the physical environment on the campus fulfills the needs of the academic mission of its research units
– Outline capital building projects that are needed over the next 10 years consistent with the strategic initiatives of the campus’ research units and taking into account realistic estimates of growth of research and education activities on the Lamont campus. Evaluate the existing master plan as a possible framework.
– Within the context of the 10-year plan, define short-term needs for modest buildings and recommend priorities.
– Outline preliminary specifications for building projects using – where possible - existing committee reports such as the ‘Recommendations for an Interim Earth Science Library Building at LDEO’.
– Define potential environmental, historical and aesthetic constraints for the construction and renovation of campus buildings.
– Solicit broad input from the campus community where appropriate.
– Recommend policies and procedures for the planning and implementation phases. Recommend establishment of further committees for individual building projects as necessary.
– Assess the long-range total potential of the campus for new development taking into consideration limitations set by the local planning board, as well as limitations regarding acquisition of new land.


  • Arthur Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director, LDEO – Chair
  • Lisa Goddard, Director, IRI
  • Robert Chen, Director, CIESIN
  • Peter Kelemen, Chair, DEES
  • John Mutter, DEES - Representative Earth Institute
    – 2 Associate Directors:
  • James Gaherty, Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics, LDEO
  • Rosanne D'Arrigo, Biology and Paleo Environment, LDEO
    – 2 Representatives of the Research Staff:
  • Robert Anderson, Geochemistry, LDEO
  • Richard Seager, Ocean and Climate Physics LDEO
  • Director of Administration (ex officio)