Computer Oversight Committee


Established in 2001 as a standing committee that reviews and suggests changes to the Lamont computing environment on an annual basis.

– to review performance of the Lamont campus computing enterprise over the previous year;
– to provide advice and guidance to the Lamont Director, Director of other Earth Institute units on the Lamont campus, and the Network Support Group on changes to be made in order to improve future performance of campus computing facilities.

In carrying out these tasks, the committee shall also develop policy and procedures regarding computing revenue cost recovery and acceptable computing practices on the Lamont campus.

From time to time, the Chair will convene meetings of the committee when substantive issues regarding computing on the Lamont campus are identified and require a timely response.

Meeting schedule:
The committee and its subcommittees shall meet several times (as often as necessary) in the summer and fall of each year. The initial purpose will be to review an annual report provided by the manager of the Network Support Group on the state of the campus computing facilities, including improvements and upgrades made during the previous year. The second, subsequent set of meetings will be to provide recommendations and budgetary guidance on changes and improvements to made to the campus computing environment (including staffing of the Support Group) during the next fiscal year. Occasionally, the committee or its subcommittees might need to meet in executive sessions when it is necessary to discuss confidential or personnel-related matters. The committee will also be charged with conducting computer user surveys every other year, during the summer preceding the committee's deliberations.

Reporting Responsibilities:
The full committee and its two subcommittees are recommending bodies only and have no budgetary authority. Recommendations from the Network Subcommittee that require allocation of new resources must be approved by the Directors of the Earth Institute units on the Lamont Campus. Recommendations from the Computing Services Subcommittee that require allocation of new resources must be approved by the Lamont Director in consultation with the Observatory Management Group. If the full committee makes recommendations requiring allocation of new resources, such recommendations will be considered by the Lamont Director in consultation with the Executive Committee.


–  Chair (appointed by the Lamont Director)

  • Felix Waldhauser

– 1 CIESIN representative (nominated by CIESIN)

  • Sri Vinayagamoorthy

– 1 IRI representative (nominated by IRI)

– 1 member from each of the five Lamont Research Divisions (each nominated by the corresponding Associate Director):

  • Ray Sambrotto, Biology and Paleo Environment
  • Martin Stute, Geochemistry
  • (To be Named), Marine Geology and Geophysics
  • Naomi Henderson, Ocean and Cllimate Physics
  • Felix Waldhauser, Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics

– 1 representative from Central Administrative Services (nominated by the Director for Administration)

– The Network Support Group will be represented by a small number of its senior members in an ex officio capacity.

 If, in the future, other EI units develop a significant presence on the Lamont campus, such bodies will be invited to nominate members. Insofar as practical, the Computer Oversight Committee will be staffed by a mix of scientific and technical personnel.

The committee will be organized into two groups with different areas of responsibility. A Network Subcommittee will be responsible for recommendations on campus network issues. Members of this subcommittee will be drawn equally from those members of the full committee who represent the Earth Institute units on the Lamont Campus and Central Administrative Services. The Computing Services Subcommittee will comprise the Observatory Research Division and Central Administrative Services members of the full committee. This subcommittee will focus on the computing needs and policy issues that concern the Observatory only. Both Subcommittees will be chaired by the Chair of the full committee and will include the Network Support Group representatives.