Executive Committee

Executive Committee


All policy and programmatic issues associated with research performance and future directions of the Observatory, including interactions with affiliated Earth Institute and other Columbia units and groups, both on and off the Lamont campus, as they pertain to the intellectual vigor of the Observatory. Will advise on the incorporation of new units having direct intellectual ties to the Observatory, particularly if they are to be located on the Lamont campus. Will carry out research and other planning activities, including identification of appointment needs through a Planning Subcommittee (see below). Will appoint other standing and/or ad hoc subcommittees for specific tasks. Will consult on recommendations to the Directorate made by the Promotion and Careers Subcommittee (see below) concerning all research promotions and appointments. Any matter not resolved in the Executive Committee shall be referred to a meeting of the Observatory Senior Staff at the request of any member of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is chaired by the Lamont Director.

The senior staff representative from each research division is elected by ballot by the Observatory research staff of the appropriate division. The junior staff representative is appointed by the Director, from nominations received from the research divisions. Those members elected or appointed following recommendation to the Director will serve three-year terms.

Ex officio members representing units or groups with which the Observatory has direct research or academic ties can be included on the Executive Committee by vote of the existing members. The Executive Committee is free to request members of the Observatory or others to participate in its meetings where additional input is desired.


– LDEO Directorate:

  • Maureen E. Raymo, Interim Director, Chair of the Committee
  • Arthur Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director
  • Jerry McManus, Chair, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Meghan Fay, Director of Development, External Relations, and Strategic Initiatives

– Associate Directors of the Research Divisions:

  • Roseanne D'Arrigo, Biology and Paleo Environment
  • Steven Goldstein, Geochemistry
  • Roger Buck, Marine Geology and Geophysics
  • David Goldberg, Marine and Large Programs
  • Mingfang Ting, Ocean and Climate Physics    
  • James Davis, Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics

– 1 Senior Research Staff Representative from each Research Division:

  • Andrew Juhl, Biology and Paleo Environment
  • Steven Chillrud, Geochemistry
  • Marco Tedesco, Marine Geology and Geophysics
  • Jason Smerdon, Ocean and Climate Physics
  • Einat Lev, Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics

– 1 Junior Research Staff Representative

  • Christine McCarthy, Seismology, Geology and Tectonophysics
  • Timothy Creyts, Marine Geology and Geophyscis, Alternate

- 1   Research Scientist Representative

  • Vicki Ferrini, Marine Geology and Geophyscis
  • Naomi Henderson, Ocean and Climate Physics, Alternate

– 1 Technical Staff Representative, as ex officio member:

  • Nicholas Frearson, Marine Geology and Geophysics
  • Martin Fleisher, Geochemistry, Alternate

– Heads of designated units, as ex officio members:

  • Robert Chen, Director, CIESIN
  • Lisa Goddard, Director, IRI
  • Kuheli Dutt, Assist. Director, Academic Affairs and Diversity
  • Edith Miller, Assistant Director of Finance and Administration
  • Patrick O'Reilly, Assistant Director of Facilities and Engineering
  • Mahdad Parsi, Director of Research Computing and Infrastructure
  • Kimberly Schermerhorn, Program Manager, Research Analysis and Planning