Mentoring Award Committee


The committee will evaluate the letters of nominations and the nominating and supporting letters, and will supplement the submited materials with a recent CV or resume and a biographical sketch of the candidate, obtained through the Director's Office. All materials will be held in confidence.

The committee will provide the Director's Office with a recommendation of one individual to receive the Excellence in Mentoring Award. The award will be presented at a ceremony.

In addition to recommending an award recipient to the Observatory Director, the selection committee will also:

-consider mentoring at the Observatory in a broad sense, and make recommendations to the Director about how to improve mentoring;

-plan an event that highlights the importance of mentoring to accompany the award ceremony;

-recommend to the Observatory Director new committee members for the following year.


2018 Membership

  • Kuheli Dutt, Directorate, Co-Chair
  • Robert Newton, Co-Chair

– Award recipients from each of the previous two years:

  • Jean Hanley, Geochemistry - 2019 recipient Technical/Administrative category.
  • Jerry McManus, Geochemistry - 2019 recipient Scientific category.
  • Jason Smerdon, OCP -  2018 recipient Scientific category.

 – 1 Representative from IRI

  • Eunjin Han

– 2 Graduate Students:

  • Elise McKenna Myers, BPE
  • Bridgit Boulahanis, MG&G

–   Lamont Research Professor

  •  Suzana Camargo, OCP

1 Postdoctoral Research Scientist:

  • Emily Hopper, SGT

–   Staff Associate

  • Sheean Haley, BPE

–   1 Representative from CIESIN

  • TBD

The Assistant Director of Academic Affairs and Diveristy is a non-voting ex-officio member of the committee.

In years when award recipients from the previous two years are not available to serve on the selection committee, these positions will be filled by Observatory Director.

In years when appropriate, the committee will add members from the technical and/or administrative staff.

Committee members will be asked to serve for a term of two or three years, at the discretion of the Observatory Director.