Open House Committee


Staffed by the offices of Development and External Relations, the Open House committee is a widely representative group that is responsible for developing ideas for, and implementing, Lamont-Doherty’s annual Open House. Started 50 years ago by Lamont-Doherty’s founder, Maurice “Doc” Ewing, Open House is intended to show neighbors, students of all ages and the wider Columbia community how Earth works, and what we are doing here at Lamont-Doherty to discover how to steward its resources in the most responsible way possible.

Representing each research Division, the various areas of the Administration, the Department of Earth & Environmental Science, as well as the other units of the Earth Institute housed on the Lamont campus, the committee is responsible for:

- developing ideas for displays, exhibits and lectures for Open House;

- debating the possibility of a theme or slogan for each Open House, while ensuring that Open House showcases the entire campus;

- helping to reach out to as wide an audience as possible – neighbors, friends, alumni, potential science students (from elementary through graduate school) and the Columbia community – while developing exhibits and displays that target each constituency;

- volunteering at Open House itself, by manning the exhibits, displays and lectures, and welcoming visitors;

- enlisting others to volunteer as well, as needed;

- familiarizing oneself with both the campus and the individual exhibits so that Committee members can properly orient visitors.