Promotions and Careers Sub-Committee


Carries out appointment and promotion procedures for the Lamont scientists and Lamont research professors of the Observatory and recommends to the Directorate on promotions and appointments to all levels of the staff of the Observatory.  Evaluate continuation of rolling tenure appointments in the Senior Staff (members of the committtee who are not members of the  Senior Staff to be recused during such discussion).  Monitor and evaluate performance of the endowment-based salary insurance scheme and career path options for research staff as it relates to recruitment and retention, and recommend modifications. Promotes national recognition and placement on various advisory panels. Promotes candidates for national and international awards.  Can appoint ad-hoc and standing committees for specific tasks.  Assess career path options, salary support and other career-related aspects of the technical staff, and recommend improvements.  Evaluate interactions among research, technical and administrative staff.

For appointments and promotions in designated or affiliated units or for any Lamont appointment where the salary support mechanism is independent of Lamont's endowments, the sub-committee assists the units in the design of processes for searches, assessing promotions etc. and provides comment on the decisions to the Lamont Directorate.


  • Suzanne Carbotte, Chair, Marine Geology and Geophysics
  • Suzana Camargo, Deputy Chair, Ocean and Climate Physics
  • Braddock Linsley, Biology and Paleo Environment
  • Conny Class, Geochemistry
  • Jonathan Kingslake, Junior Representative, Marine Geology and Geophysics
  • Benjamin Holtzman, Seismology, Geology, and Tectonophysics
  • Andrew Juhl, Ex Officio, Biology and Paleo Environment
  • Gisela, Winckler, Ex Officio, Geochemistry
  • Robin Bell, Ex Officio, Marine Geology and Geophysics
  • James Davis, Ex Officio, Seismology, Geology, and Tectonophysics
  • Mingfang Ting, Ex Officio, Ocean and Climate Physics
  • Nicole deRoberts, Ex Officio, Academic Affairs

– A group of about 12 research scientists or faculty members from all ranks of the staff. Chaired by a research scientist or faculty member. Appointed by the Directorate in consultation with the Executive Committee.

– Members can include scientists from designated Earth Institute units.

– Members to serve three-year terms.

– Reports through the Executive Committee to the Directorate.