Lamont-Doherty Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of community leaders, loyal friends and Lamont-Doherty alumni, all of whom believe deeply in our mission-to generate fundamental knowledge about the origin, evolution an d future of the natural world.

Members of the Advisory Board build awareness of and support for the Observatory through various projects, such as the production of "Science to Sustain the Planet." Released in early 2008, this DVD, narrated by Tom Brokaw, highlights the achievements of Lamont-Doherty over the last 60 years.  Advisory Board members also contribute to an Innovation Fund, awarded on a compeitive basis each year to Observatory researchers in need of seed funding for initiatives with potential long-term impact at the Observatory.

Sarah Johnson, Chair
Wendy David, Vice Chair
Dennis Adler
Daniel Bennett
Edward Botwinick
Walter Brown
Sr. Pat Daly
Jeffrey Gould
Frank Gumper
Robert Kay
Quentin Kennedy
Katherine LeMieux-Rodman
Lawrence Lynn
Florentin Maurrasse
Todd Sandoz
Kathleen Semergieff
Jane Wells
Gerald Sobel
Julian Sproule
Adam Wolfensohn
Ex Officio
Dr. Maureen E. Raymo, Interim Director
Dr. Arthur Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director

From left to right: Sean Solomon, Julian Sproule, Walter Brown, Kathleen Semergieff, Wendy David, Larry Lynn, Frank Gumper, George Becker, Sarah Johnson, Sr. Pat Daly,and Florentin Maurrasse. Board members not present: Dennis Adler, Edward Botwinick, Jeffrey Gould, Susan Holgate, Quentin Kennedy and Adam Wofensohn.