Adjunct, Emeritus and Engineering Staff

Adjunct Scientists

Adjunct appointments are made for part-time service and are renewed annually. Normally, Adjuncts are individuals engaged in research at the Observatory while working simultaneously at the institution of their primary affiliation.

The level of an Adjunct appointment begins at the Associate Research Scientist level.

To seek a new appointment, a supporting memo outlining the proposed research, including the candidate's curriculum vitae, should be submitted to the Director.

Scientists Emeritus

Any member of the Senior Staff of the Observatory in good standing at the time of retirement may request to become a Scientist Emeritus.

Appointment requires approval of the Director and of the Executive Committee.

A Scientist Emeritus may participate in Senior Staff meetings as a non-voting member. A Scientist Emeritus appointment allows the recipient to use LDEO facilities, subject to their availability and in accordance with rules established by the Director, and to serve as co-Principal Investigator on proposals.


Engineering Staff

Lamont-Doherty Engineer Career Ladder for Research Staff Officers:

The Engineer Career Ladder structure within Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is designed for all Officers who provide skilled engineering support to our diverse science programs.

Positioned within the Columbia University Staff Officer of Research structure, our internal engineer titles distinguish and define entry through advanced engineering backgrounds. This enables us to conduct targeted recruitment and offer a clear line of advancement to those who provide research support in this critical specialty.

Title Table:


  • Junior Engineer
  • Engineer


  • Senior Engineer I
  • Senior Engineer II
  • Lamont Research Engineer

Complete position descriptions, salary structure and ranges are available through LDEO Human Resources.

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