Externally Funded Postdoctoral Research Fellows

The appointment of an externally funded Postdoctoral Research Fellow may be initiated at any time.

The procedures governing the appointments of the Postdoctoral Research Fellows who come to the Observatory with full external funding from either a foreign government or from a U.S. government source may be given full time, zero salary appointments without Affirmative Action clearance if the following criteria are met:

Their appointments will not extend for more than three years unless a full search is conducted or authorization is provided by the Vice Provost for Academic Administration for an extension of their appointment for not more than one year in order to allow the fellow to finish work on their current project.

A full search will be required if at some point during their three-year appointment Lamont decides to offer these full-time non-salaried postdoctoral fellows a full-time salaried position.

A request for this type of appointment must be made in writing to the Director. The term of the fellowship, documentation attesting to the award, and a curriculum vitae must accompany the request. Attesting documentation should be in English with external funding described in US dollars.

Extensions: the same request procedure will apply to any extension of externally funded term fellowships up to the three year maximum.

End of Appointment: When external fellowship funding ends or is not renewed, the LDEO Postdoctoral Fellowship appointment will end.