Postdoctoral Research Scientists

The position of Postdoctoral Research Scientist (PDRS) is intended to serve as an entry-level Scientific Staff position for persons who have recently completed the degree of Ph. D. and who have little or no post-Ph.D. professional experience. Postdoctoral Research Scientists are expected to work closely with members of the scientific staff, to build up their scientific credentials, to seek outside funding, and to make progress establishing themselves as independent scientists.

SCHEDULE: Appointments to PDRS may be initiated at any time.

ELIGIBILITY AND REQUIREMENTS: The Candidate must have completed the degree of Ph.D. (or equivalent) prior to the appointment. Candidates must have available a minimum of twelve (12) months of consecutive salary support at the time of appointment.

APPOINTMENT PROCESS: Any member of the Research Staff may present to the Director, via the appropriate Associate Director, a letter requesting appointment of a Candidate to the position of PDRS. The letter will be accompanied by the Candidate's vita and evidence that 12 months of salary have been secured. The Director will review the request and may, but is not required to, request advice from the Executive Committee. Upon approval of the request, the Director nominates the Candidate for consideration for appointment by the President.

REVIEW: No formal review is conducted.

TERM: Normally, persons will not be retained in the PDRS position for more than three years, with the following exception:

* If a PDRS is awarded a part-time appointment, then the term limits may be extended by up to one year.

PRIVILEGES: Postdoctoral Research Scientists are members of the Junior Research Staff of the Observatory and, as such, are invited to participate in meetings of the full research staff. Postdoctoral Research Scientists may be considered for promotion to the rank of Associate Research Scientist at any time during their award period if they meet the criteria for appointment to ARS.