Request to External Reviewers (template letter)


Dear Dr.___________

We are considering Dr.___________ for promotion to the rank of (Lamont Assistant Research Professor  or Lamont Associate Research Professor) at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and we would appreciate your comments. The promotion to  Lamont Associate  Research Professor constitutes advancement to the Senior Staff of the Observatory.

Attached is a job description for this position. Appointment to this level of our research staff depends on the candidate having demonstrated organizational, managerial, editorial or public outreach skillls.   Development and implementation of important research and education initiatives, as well as technical innovation in the pursuit of science will also be considered a noteworthy criteria for the promotion.

We do rely on what we believe to be your familiarity with the candidate’s standing within this field of research and your good judgment of the quality of the candidate’s work to guide us in this decision. Any appropriate comparisons that you can make with the candidate’s peers would be particularly valued. Your comments will weigh heavily in the decision of the Executive Committee and Senior Staff of the Observatory in this matter.

If possible, we would like to have your response by (1 month from the date of the letter). If you prefer you may respond via email to If you have any questions or cannot respond by (1 month from the date of the letter), please contact me as soon as possible.

With appreciation for allowing us to impose on your time.






Promotion portfolio


* The excerpt from the LDEO Bylaws explains LDEO promotion policies & procedures to external reviewers.