Guidelines for the Appointment of Doherty Research Staff to the DEES Adjunct Faculty

Guidelines for the Appointment of Doherty Research Staff to the DEES Adjunct Faculty

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a process for the appointment of members of the Doherty Research Staff to the DEES Adjunct Faculty. These Adjunct Faculty positions are here referred to as Lamont Adjunct positions and Lamont Adjunct appointments.

1. Background

The Lamont Adjunct Program is a long-standing cooperative program between DEES and LDEO that supports their educational missions. By serving as Lamont Adjunct Faculty, members of the Doherty Research Staff make a long-term commitment to teach DEES courses, to advise graduate students, to attend faculty meetings, to staff DEES committees and otherwise to participate fully in department activities. The cost of  the Lamont Adjunct Program is shared between LDEO and DEES.

2. Searches and Appointments

The DEES bylaws authoritatively regulate all DEES Faculty searches and appointments. A search to fill a Lamont Adjunct position may be considered when (1) an existing Lamont Adjunct resigns or retires, or (2) a teaching need is identified that can best be met by such an appointment, or (3) the offer of such a position is necessary to achieve a critical appointment to, or retention within, the Doherty Research Staff, or (4) new resources designated for the Lamont Adjunct Program are identified. Before a search is initiated, the DEES Chair and the LDEO Director must certify that adequate funds are available to support a new Lamont Adjunct appointment, since they have the joint responsibility to insure the long-term financial well-being of this cooperative program.

3. Procedure for External Recruitment or Internal Retention

When an offer of a Lamont Adjunct position is part of the recruitment or retention of Doherty Research Staff, the LDEO Director and DEES Chair together develop a written Case Statement supporting a Lamont Adjunct appointment that includes discussion of the candidate’s scholarly excellence, importance to both LDEO and DEES instructional and research programs, and contribution to diversity goals. The case for considering the candidate must be approved by a majority vote of both the LDEO ExCom and the DEES Faculty before the normal process of soliciting external letters of evaluation and completing the candidate’s dossier is finalized. All letters of evaluation are jointly solicited by the DEES Chair and the LDEO Director.

4. Procedure for an Open Search

A Lamont Adjunct appointment not related to recruitment or retention is made via a search open to all Doherty Research Staff. In this case, the DEES Chair and LDEO Director, under advisement of the DEES Faculty and the LDEO ExCom, jointly appoint a Search Committee and develop its charge, a written Search Statement. The Search Statement sets out (1) instructional areas that will receive consideration in the selection process; (2) instructional duties associated with the position; and (3) selection criteria. The Search Committee has the responsibility to (1) advertise the position within the Lamont Community, (2) invite and process applications, (3) identify candidates for whom letters of evaluation should be solicited, (4) interview selected candidates, and (5) make recommendations to the DEES Faculty. All letters of evaluation are solicited by the DEES Chair.

5. Vote

Appointments must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the DEES Faculty.

February 8, 2008