Car Free Tips

Useful Links

Lamont Shuttle: Operates throughout the day between Lamont and the Columbia Morningside Campus.

Carpooling opportunities:

Bus between NYC and Lamont: CoachUSA Route 9 , Lamont's stop is loosely referred to as "state line", but the nearest major stop on the schedule is "Oak Tree Rd" and is just to the north.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get a car for errands or field work, on LDEO/Columbia business?

A: Lamont has several options, all of which can be charged to a grant number.  Note that  small reimbursements (e.g. gas, supplies) are typically possible through "petty cash" - that is, you can go to the accounting office in the Admin Bldg and get cash instantly.

  • DEES vans (contact the DEES office at 845-365-8550)
  • Shipping dept. vans (contact the shipping department at (845) 365-8865, or Tom Eberhard )
  • OBS lab pickup truck - contact the SG&T Division office at: (845) 365-8384

Q: Where can I get a good deal on a car for personal use or weekend trips?

A: Car rentals are 2x cheaper out of  Nyack and vicinity than from New York City. At least one company will actually pick you up at Lamont and drive you to the rental office (Enterprise; also, mention that you work at Lamont to get a corporate account rate).

Q: With no car, what are some options for travel between northeastern cities?

A:  Getting there is possible through the companies below. Once you are there, many cities have great transit systems (e.g. Boston, Philadelphia):

  • "Chinatown" Bus lines, etc. (bargain rate): do a web search on the two endpoints and bus
  • Greyhound, Amtrak
  • MTA (for LIRR, Metro-North, etc.), NJ Transit , SEPTA

Q: With no car, what are some ways of escaping the city to enjoy wild natural places?

A: There are many options, some of which are:

  • Join the Columbia Hiking Club
  • Canoeing/kayaking in the intertidal wetland near Sparkill Creek (take the CoachUSA bus mentioned above)
  • Read up on wild places in New York City
  • Check out ZipCar or other carsharing services (Hertz has one) - many Zipcars are parked around Columbia