Lamont Shuttle Bus Code of Etiquette

The Lamont Shuttle exists to serve the faculty, staff and students of Columbia University. It is not public transportation. Many riders work and study during this time-consuming commute and consider it part of their workday. The Campus Life Committee therefore requests that riders adopt the following etiquette when riding the shuttle.


1. Seating is available on a first-come-first-served basis. When leaving from the Morningside location at 120th St., a line should be formed at the guard station prior to the arrival of the shuttle. The shuttle should be boarded according to the ordering of the line.


2. Seats marked "Priority Seating" are intended for seniors, pregnant women, people with disabilities, or others with a physical need to to sit down for the duration of the commute. Please relinquish these seats if someone is in need.


3. Disabilities may not be visible.  Do not ask riders to share personal medical information if they request a seat.


4. Please do not save seats when seating availability is limited. In these instances, it is also not appropriate to take up two seats (with baggage or otherwise). Please respect the rights of others to the seat next to you.


5. Exit the bus in an orderly fashion (standees first) using all available exits.


6. Loud conversations and phone calls can be distracting. The shuttle is a great time for interacting with colleagues and friends but please be mindful of the shuttle environment and the volume of your conversation. If you must use your cell phone, please make the call brief and use a quiet voice.


7. Children are welcome to ride with the understanding that fellow commuters may be working or reading. Parents are asked to take this into account when bringing school-aged children on the bus.


8. Do not ask the driver to stop anywhere except the designated stops. Drivers can be ticketed for doing so.


9. If special events or large groups will be using the shuttle, please notify Howie Matza ( well ahead of the event so he can plan accordingly.


10. Any issues, complaints or recommendations that can be addressed on a non-emergency basis should be communicated by e-mail to Howie Matza ( and/or the Lamont Campus Life Committee ( ). Your message will be kept confidential.  


These issues may also be entered in the Shuttle Comments Google Sheet:


11. Riders can track the shuttle’s location in real-time on the Passio GO app. Download the app to view all Columbia shuttle routes, including the Lamont route, via smartphone: 


Real-time emergency communications, such as a missing or disabled bus, bad traffic, weather, or an impaired driver should be communicated to: our service manager at Academy Bus (Tony Luna, cell phone is 201-725-5373), and/or Howie Matza (Lamont Safety Office 845-365-8822 or 845-365-8890).  If you call Academy in an emergency, please follow up with a call or email to Howie Matza so he is aware of the incident and can follow up.


12. Please be mindful that anybody violating the rules above might be a newcomer or guest unfamiliar with these rules, or there might be extenuating circumstances. Be courteous in your interactions with the offending party, and report problems as in (10) above. Let’s keep Lamont a welcoming community!