Useful Forms



Moving Expense Worksheet ( For documenting the expenses and tax liabilities incurred by new employees relocating to CU.  An optional supporting document to be attached to either an Expense Report or a Check Request Form, depending upon the status of the employee at the time of reimbursement.)
Non-Employee Expense Worksheet ( For documenting travel or business expenses incurred by non-employees.  An optional supporting document to be attached to a Check Request Form, dependent upon VISA status.)
Missing Receipts Worksheet ( A supporting document for expenses where the receipt has been lost or mislaid.)
Request for Policy Exception or Adjustment (May be used for documenting your request for a one time policy exception or a continuing policy adjustment.)
Travel and Business Expense Report ( For reimbursement of travel related business expenses per trip or for misc. business expenses submitted on a regular basis. An official report that must be signed by both the individual and the departmental approver.)
Finance Division Forms Library (A complete listing of forms for Accounts Payable, Financial Systems, Controller / Financial Reporting & Operations, Controller / Capital Asset Accounting, Controller / Sponsored Projects Finance, Payroll/HRPC, Purchasing, Risk Management, and the Treasury.)
Financial Systems Security Application (This combined application may allow a User to gain access to the Financial Front End (FFE) System, the Accounts Payable (AP/CAR) System, and to be granted Departmental Authorization Function (DAF) authority.)
Procurement Card Forms (These forms can be used for all procedures related to purchases made with P-Cards.)
Purchasing Forms (Use these forms to ensure compliance with CU purchasing policies and federal regulations.)
CU Print Services Order Form (Order form for a variety of print goods including business cards, stationary, posters, flyers, and more.)