Seminar Rooms

Seminar rooms for internal events at Lamont can be booked either directly via the Seminar Room Calendar or by contacting the group representative for the Department Seminar rooms (see below).

Most seminar rooms have a specific set up, e.g., seminar style. For special furnishing and arrangements, please contact Traffic at least two days in advance at ext. 8864 or by email to  Please restore the room furnishings as you found them after each meeting. Please remember that many of these rooms sit in the middle of office space. Noise level should be kept to an acceptable level, especially when using public areas for breaks.


An Event Form is to be completed at least one week prior for any event that requires special arrangements (catering, external guests or vendors, special room setups, building unlocking, and any other extra accommodations).  The LDEO Host for the event is to complete and save the form, and then send to, which will notify the LDEO Security office and Traffic office of the logistics for your event. 

Seminar Room Calendar

Seminar rooms at Lamont can be booked for any internal event directly by anyone that has a LDEO Username and Password.  If you do not remember your username or password, please email

Go to the Seminar Room Calendar and log into the calendar to book any of these locations. Click each building link below to see a brief description.

Comer Cafe Area - Advance notice is required  before booking this area. Please contact Moanna St. Clair (x8300) or Arlene Suriani (x8304).

Comer 1st Floor Seminar Room

Comer 4th Floor Quentin J. Kennedy Board Room

Lamont Hall Reading Room - Note: As of January 2017, Lamont Hall is closed for renovations

Lamont Hall Joseph Worzel Seminar Room - Note: As of January 2017, Lamont Hall is closed for renovations.

Monell Auditorium

Seismology 2nd Floor Seminar Room

Storke Conference Room, Machine Shop Building

Departmentally Accessed Seminar Rooms

There are several seminar rooms on campus that can be used at the discretion of individual departments. Below is a list of these rooms and whom to contact to book:

Geoscience 113 Conference Room - Gina Dinnegan at ext. 8988 /

Monell Building - Rooms 137, 205 and 209 - Pat Ables at ext. 8864 /

Seismology - Library and 1st Floor Conference Room - Kaylee Burke at ext. 8318 /