Departmentally Accessed Seminar Rooms

There are several seminar rooms on campus that can be used at the discretion of individual groups. Below is a listing of these rooms, who is responsible for booking them, and what equipment is available.

137, 205 and 209  Monell Building

These rooms are located in the Monell Building. 137 & 205 have a large table and comfortably seat 15 people. They are handicapped accessible.



Room 209 has video conference capabilities. The following audio/visual equipment is available:

  • overhead projector
  • access to slide projectors
  • ceiling mounted LCD projector capable of projecting from laptop computers
  • PC that will enable PowerPoint presentations


To book any of these rooms in the Monell Building contact Pat Ables at ext. 8864 /



304 Oceanography Conference Room

This room is on the third floor of Oceanography. It will comfortably fit 8 or more with some difficulty. It is not handicapped accessible and has no windows. It has the following audio/visual equipment:

  • white board
  • access to overhead projector
  • access to slide projector

The room is booked through Parami Hettiarachchi at ext. 8336 /


113 Geoscience Conference Room

This is a seminar room located on the first floor of Geoscience. It is truly a conference room in that it has a large table It will comfortably seat 20-25 people. It is not handicapped accessible. The room has the following audio/visual equipment:

  • conference quality speaker phone
  • overhead projector
  • screen
  • white board
  • portable computer projector (must be scheduled through Gina Dinnegan)
  • internet accessibility (some security restrictions applicable)

Gina Dinnegan (ext. 8988; email is the person responsible for booking the room.She can also give explanations about the particulars for using the computer projector and the restrictions on internet accessibility.


Seismology Library 
This room is located on the second floor of the Seismology/Marine Biology building. It’s not handicapped accessible. It is a conference room containing a large table that seats 10 people comfortably. There is no internet access or a phone line in the room. Arrangements can be made for an overhead projector. This room should be booked through Kayla Sirois  at ext. 8318 /

Seismology 1st Floor Conference Room

This room is located inside the general  space of  Seismology on the 1st floor. It seats 12 people comfortably around a large table with room on the perimeter. To book this room contact Kayla Sirois  at ext. 8318 /

For further information or questions regarding any seminar room, please contact:

Pat Ables